Lorenzo De Angelis lives and works in Vitorchiano (VT), Italy.

His work focuses on the possibilities of spatial sectioning and structuring of surfaces, starting from the minimal presence of the gesture on a plane: it therefore develops a pictorial language minimal, icastic and intuitive.

The images originate from the application in painting of physical (space-time) and philosophical concepts (clinamen), without being descriptive and representative, but chasing a “metaphysics” dimension that discards scientific and real data.

The starting point is the pulsating space on which the artist works in the Monopluriplanes series, in which signs are imprinted on the support through a matrix, as in a printing process, and bind themselves together delineating the rhythmic leveling of the void.

Subsequently this spatiality evolves into an increasingly volumeless and concrete situation, with the overlapping of multiple structures that compact on the surface and push in the directions contemplated in two-dimensionality. This process indicates the research for a flat  and dynamic image at the same time, without centre and periphery.

- SetUp Contemporary Art Fair, LM Gallery Arte Contemporanea, Bologna, Italy, 1 - 4 February 2018
- ArtVerona, LM Gallery Arte Contemporanea, Verona, Italy, 12 - 15 October 2018
Publications | Interviews
- Pale Blue Dot \ https://paleblueart.wordpress.com/2020/12/17/intervista-a-lorenzo-de-angelis-riflessioni-dartista/
- Artoday \ http://artoday.it/lorenzo-de-angelis
- Exibart \ https://www.exibart.com/arte-contemporanea/a-terni-la-nuova-stagione-espositiva-di-crac-gallery-ricomincia-dalla-linea/
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- Balloon Project \ http://www.balloonproject.it/deangelis/

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Lepsien Art Foundation

Bech Risvig 

Private collections in Italy, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, USA.

Solo | Two person exhibition


- Dissonant Algo(Rhythm), CRAC Arte Contemporanea, Terni, Italy, 26.10.2019 / 24.11.2019

Automatic (Lorenzo De Angelis - Manuel Fois), LM Gallery Arte Contemporanea, Latina, Italy, 13.04.2019 / 11.05.2019

Group exhibition

40 days, curated by Mattia Lapperier, Associazione Quasi Quadro, Torino, 29.05.2021 / 03.07.2021

- Ouverture, curated by Supergiovane, Stecca 3.0, Milano, Italy, 5.12.2019 / 10.12.2019

- Like - The first generation of artists in the net community, curated by Francesco Fillini, iPazziFactory, Pisa, Italy,12.05 / 26.05.2018

The Box, Ainori Contemporary Art, Lisbon, Portugal, 7.04.2018 / 17.05.2018

So far so good, LM Gallery Arte Contemporanea, Latina, Italy, 24.02 / 10.03.2018

- Selected works from the Bech Risvig Collection, Huset for Kunst & Design, Holstebro, Denmark, 2017

- Volumi oltre la superficie, curated by Alessandra Cossu and Gianfranco Mascelli, Villa De Santis, Roma, Italy & Centro Arte Lupier, Gardone Val Trompia, Italy, 2015-16

- Sedicideclinazioni, curated by Luciano Marziano, Fortezza Orsini, Pitigliano, Italy, 2014